The Howard Dean Quote-a-thon!

Since well before he was named chairman of the DNC, former Vermont governor Howard Dean has been making outrageous statements that can be, at times, both alarming and amusing. But recently he has really been outdoing himself. Republicans celebrated when he became chairman, but we've got even more than we could have hoped for: gifts including incredibly lackluster fundraising and some great quotes. I've decided to post some of his quotes here in the original post, and will add more as they appear. A lot of Democratic senators and '08 Dem hopefuls have already begun distancing themselves from Dean. The link is to an MSNBC article about his most recent offense.

I'll start with some of the more famous recent ones:

(Republicans are) “not very friendly to different kinds of people, they are a pretty monolithic party ... it’s pretty much a white, Christian party.”
As mentioned in the article, RNC chair Ken Mehlman is Jewish. I would also like to note some other prominent minority Republicans: Senator Mel Martinez, former Education head Rod Paige, Condeleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Supreme COurt justice Clarence Thomas. Clinton was called the first black president, but did he have half the diversity of the Bush administration? No. Bush also won 60% of the Hispanic vote in Florida, add increased his percentages among nearly all racial and religious minorities from 2000 to 2004. 'Nuff said.

Republicans “never made an honest living in their lives.”
He later said that this only applied to the leadership, as if that makes a difference.

"We're going to use Terry Schiavo later on."
I thought it was about respecting the family's rights, Dean? No, you just wanted something to cling on to in '06.

"Tom Delay ought to go back to Houston, where he can serve his jail sentence down there courtesy of the Texas taxpayers"
Well I guess Dean disagrees with the law on that innocent until proven guilty part. And on the matter of lobbyist related ethics, if Delay is guilty, so is nearly every other person alive who has served in Congress.

And some other good ones:

"We won't always have the strongest military."

"I've waffled before. I'll waffle again."

"I don't care what you label me as long as you call me president."

"I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks."

And the most telling about why he can't succeed as chair in any area:
"I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for."

I'm sure there will be plenty more in the future.


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