The Idiocy of Cloture Votes

As those familiar with the Senate may know, a cloture vote is to end debate on a certain topic. A cloture vote requires 60 votes to proceed to a floor vote. It is the mechanism used to filibuster. Lately, it seems the Democrats have been using it on everything they can. Judicial appointments aside, I believe the use of the filibuster on any nominee of any sort is unjustified. It's just wrong to oppose a nominee who would easily get the required floor votes to be appointed. It's a sick abuse of the rules to, more or less, impede anything the White House or Congressional Republicans try to do.
Before the first cloture vote on John Bolton, it never even occured to most Democrats to vote against it. But then some of the leaders got this wild and crazy idea that they could get any with it if they based their decision on the principle of congressional oversight (pertaining to classified documents they want the White House to release) rather than John Bolton the person. I have had my doubts about Mr. Bolton, but as long as a plurality of the Senate is willing to agree on his character, then I agree with them. I don't know if the average voter realizes this,but, via cloture votes and delaying tactics, the obstructionists in the Democratic party are slowly and methodically shutting down the government. And we know what happens when people do that, don't we Mr. Gingrich (mastermind of the Republican shut down that lost the GOP seats). However, the mainstream media will continue to approve of these actions, and no such fallback will occur.
All I have to say is thank God for recess appointments.


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