Of the Tom DeLay "scandal" and Hypocrisy

The great website Political Money line has published the data from financial reports of the members of Congress. Congressional Democrats and purportedly some Republicans have been pressuring Tom DeLay to step down as Majority Leader of the House of Representatives due to ethics "scandals" that center around him having taken numerous trips paid for by lobbists and interest groups. All of this would be well and fine, except for the fact that EVERY member of Congress does the exact same thing. In fact, some of the Democrats accusing DeLay of ethics violations also had trips paid for by the same lobbyist as DeLay. This section on the site chronicles the free trips taken by various members of the Senate. These were not required to be reported, so it is safe to assume that many more took place.
Senators Report More Free Trips

U.S. Senators today disclosed 41 more free trips they received in 2004. Senators did not previously disclose these trips in reimbursed travel reports under Rule 35. Some of these trips may not have been required to be reported on those forms. Although the cost of a trip is required to be shown on the reimbursed travel reports, these Senators have reported the trips only on their personal financial disclosure reports that do not require the cost to be listed.

Sen. Paul Sarbanes (7 trips); Sen. Joseph Biden (5 trips); Sen. James Durbin (4 trips, including one to Hawaii and another to South Africa); Sen. Robert Byrd (3 trips); Sen. Samuel Brownback (3 trips); Sen. Thomas Carper (3 trips); Sen. James Bunning (2 trips, cost listed); Sen. Judd Gregg (2 trips, including one to the Bahamas); Sen. Mary Landrieu (2 trips, including one to Uganda, and another to Honduras/El Salvador); Sen. Joseph Lieberman (2 trips); Sen. Larry Craig (1 trip); Sen. Michael Crapo (1 trip); Sen. Norman Coleman (1 trip on private jet of Nassar Kazeminy, cost listed); Sen. Saxby Chambliss (1 trip, cost listed); Sen. Pete Domenici (1 trip but three sponsors); Sen. Orrin Hatch (1 trip) Sen. E. Benjamin Nelson (1 trip); and Sen. George Voinovich (1 trip).

Some of the organizations paying for these trips include: Exelon Corp, Edison Electric Institute, American Bankers Assn, National Rifle Assn, Aspen Institute, Behlen Manufacturing, Princeton University, Commonwealth Fund (NY), Congressional Coalition for Adoption, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


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