Polling bodes well for state GOP

Found some interesting polling data today from the Glengariff Group via Capitol Fax. While doing a poll for a corporate client, the pollster threw in political questions just for kicks. He finds that umong Republicans, Judy Baar Topinka leads the race for governor, with Jim Oberweis just behind, and everyone else in single digits. However, 42% are still undecided.
The most interesting part shows Attorney General Lisa Madigan in a statistical dead heat with Blagojevich in the Democratic primary. But as of now, there are no signs she will run. I think it would be advantageous to Republicans to see a prominent Democrat give Blagojevich a tough primary where he has to spend a lot of money.
In a theoretical general election (with leaners), Topinka leads Blagojevich 39% to 36%, with 20% undecided.
This is probably good news, but I'm not sure whether Blago will become more or less poular in a general election. One would assume he would become less favored after stinging attacks sure to come, but then again, he will have at least 20 million dollars to spend defending himself. In any case, a couple of years ago I would have thought a Blagojevich defeat nearly impossible. Let us hope he shoots himself in the foot a few more times before the election cycle begins.


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