A few more, random, disconnected '06 thoughts...

Well I've returned from schol bowl camp, where I discovered that there actually are people my age who are interested in politics, ranging from a scary looking, unshaven, scraggly-haired guy reading an Al Franken book to people who look like hippies whering Bush shirts. The world is a strange place. So after catching up with the world, here goes:

Governor's Race:
In an article I can't find, it was mentioned that Steve Rauschenberger got a DUI in 1997. This is not good for his candidicy, even though it is apparently a well known fact already. His fundraising report looked good, with $800,000 I believe.

Ron Gidwitz: I previously wrote him off as a candidate, but his fundraising is very high, although much of it is from him and his family. His biggest problem is name recognition, and he in full campaigning mode already to combat this.

Judy Baar Topinka: Is she running or not? She hasn't done anything that has got any press, and you here nothing about her activities. She may do well in polls, but she needs to step up to the plate if she wants to win. She hasn't updated her website since winning reelection, and looking at her site, I just had a revelation: Judy Baar Topinka is really, really, ugly.

Senate Races:
MD: It appears from finance reports that Lt. Gov. Michael Steele has amassed 5 million dollars for a run for Senate, 5 times as much as his closest Dem competitor.

MT: Incumbent Conrad Burns (R), who was thought by some to be a vulnerable target for Dems. Finance reports show that he has 8 times as much money as any Dem thinking about running against him.

WA: Rossi has officailly said he won't run, bumping up Maria Cantwell's chances to retain her seat.

NE: Republicans are lining up to challenge moderate Ben Nelson, for who I have much respect. The White House continues to make overtures to him for his vote on several issues, so it isn't likely the GOP candidate will get much national support.

RI: Chafee looks somewhat weak in the polls, and few self-respecting Republicans really care whether he is ousted. Nevertheless, I'd like to see him win, unless the Dem he is running against is named Zell Miller.


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