IL Governor's Race News Update

The media is finally digging into the story of the race with a couple of articles. This one deals with the fundraising efforts that are the number one concern to all of the Republican candidates. Another talks about Blago's downstate problems.

After the last few articles in the paper and online, I have decided that so far, on the issues, I believe Steve Rauschenberger is the best candidate. But he hasn't polled well in the primary according to the only 2 or 3 polls done to date. He is confident he will raise enough money, but we will have to see his campaign finance report to ojudge that for ourselves. So for me, it is a decision between Rauschenberger (shouldn't he run his campaign as "Steve") and current frontrunner Judy Baar Topinka, who has the best name recognition and will make a lot of money, despite sometimes being to moderate for my tastes. First and foremost, we need to elect a person who can beat Blago. Everything else is secondary. In a few months, we should be able to tell who the main contenders are, and hopefully eliminate some candidates so as not to waste all our money infighting.


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