Lane Evans: A disgrace to the 17th District

I've never like Lane Evans, but aside from a very liberal voting record, I can't say I've really had anything to complain abut. Until now. The good old Daily Gazette carries this AP story about an illegal second campaign fund set up by Evans. Evans claims that the fund was entirely legal. The Federal Election Commission has found otherwise. So how does Evans explain this? He claims that the FEC is a "Republican leaning organization", without bothering to cite how that would even be possible. Then he goes on about completely unrelated topics, trying to equate the ruling with racism with these awkardly put sentences:
"I think it's part of a problem happening with minorities, for example, being intimidated from going out to work for candidates, Mexican-Americans who are citizens being harassed and turned away from the voting booth," said Evans. "There's something wrong with America when you have institutions that are so clearly out of touch with the people."

He also tried to compare the efforts of the fund to those of people risking their lives to register blacks to vote during the civil rights movement. Wait, back up Lane. How again did your campaign workers risk their lives?
Can anyone tell me what all that is supposed to mean? The FEC is racist because it punished you for spending half a million dollars in illegally raised funds, including $200,000 from unions? Arguments by non sequitar don't work for us, Lane, and yes, the rules apply to you too, not just Republicans. Best of luck to Lane Evans' next opponent in 2006.

EDIT: I've posted the story along with my comments over at FR, and a Freeper noted that according the the FEC website, members of the six person panel are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. But it is illegal for more than 3 members to be of the same political party, and there must be four votes to make decisions. Therefore, it is impossible for the FEC to be Republican leaning.

Also, in response to the accusations about Mexican-Americans being harassed and turned away from the voting booth, is there ANY evidence of this whatsoever. The only way I could possibly imagine this happening is if the person couldn't provide proper ID to show that they are a citizen, in which case turning them away is the correct and legal thing to do.


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