Liberal fallicies alive in Live 8

Read a couple of interesting articles on the recent Live 8 concerts via RCP that discussed the problems with Live 8 and it's associate "Make Poverty History" campiagn. Anti-poverty campaign gets it almost all wrong by John O'Sullivan and What rocks is capitalism... yeah, yeah, yeah by Mark Steyn both offer in-depth analysis of what is wrong with Live 8.

I watched a bit of the Live 8 concerts, and couldn't help but think critically of it the whole time. First and foremost, it seemed such a waste of time and energy to put on such an event, which raised a grand total of $0.00 and in the long run will effect nothing. 20 years ago, chief organizer Bob Geldorf held LiveAID, which raised a large sum of money for Africa. But for some reason, they refused to charge or even ask for donations this time, instead just pressuring the G8 leaders to spend absurd amounts of taxpayers' money. The whole event must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on, all of which, in the name of stopping poverty, could have been given to Africa. The celebrities involoved in this have joined the cause, which calls for a certain percantage of each countries expenditures to be spent on Africa. It is shocking to see them, with their Hollywood mansions and European vacation homes, people who were given gift baskets worth 7,000 pounds just for coming to Live 8, and many with their own clothing lines, request that the lower and middle class tax revenue be spent on helping corrupt foreign governments, especially when they themselves, who after all, have more giving power than many countries in the world, refuse to give a penny.
But that wouldn't have helped, because, as both Steyn and O'Sullivan point out, a capitalist economy together with a freely elected democracy where the impoverished have the ability to lift themselves out of bankruptcy is not only the best, but the only way Africa is going to improve. The problem with Africa today is not so much one of a lack of aid, it is that the aid is not getting to the people, thanks to the terrible regimes in Africa. Bush knows this, and adjusts aid based on the level of economic freedom and the general state of the government in each country. As Mr. Preston (social studies teacher) would say, throwing money at the problem won't work.

To the G8 leaders: Teach a man to fish!


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