State Sen. Bill Brady to announce run for governor

State Sen. Bill Brady, of the Bloomington area, will announce his candidacy on Wed. and Thurs. in various locations around Illinois. Click the headline to go to his campiagn site. All I know about Brady is that he was previously mentioned as a possible candidate, and he is pro-life and against embryonic stem cell research. I believe I read something about him having a good relationship with Rauschenberger, also being a candidate trying to play up his budget skills. The big question with Brady is how much money he has raised. If, as I suspect, we find Rauschenberger and Brady nearly on the same page issue-wise, one has to drop out if either wants to win. Perhaps a Steve/Brady ticket of some sort? Brady seems to be the only fresh face on the scene in the race so far, which may help some primary voters sick of the self-destructive tendencies of the state GOP.
In other thoughts, what is Judy Baar Topinka doing? At this point I wouldn't be terribly surprised if she didn't even run, or jockeyed for a spot on the GOP ticket as Lt. Governor.


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