Ahhhh! The glories of Reaganomics!

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is predictly a sharply lower deficit for the current fiscal year. The Bush economic policy is similar to Reaganomics: Increase spending by making tax cuts. The increased deficit forces Congress to cut spending. Final result: the deficit comes down, the economy goes up, and the size of government becomes smaller.
I for one am not quite ready to buy the line of all those who say that Bush is an out of control spender. Sure that transportation bill was filled with pork, but if Bush hadn't threatened to veto it, it would have been even more expensive. I think I've come to the conclusion that the nature of Congress is to spend, spend, spend, no matter which party is in control. It is the duty of the president and the small group of true small govenment conservatives in Congress to stop it. Reaganomics basically was a way around the roadblocks of a porking, spend-happy Democratic controlled Congress. Unfortunately Bush has had to do the same to the Republican controlled Congress.


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