LaHood drops out, Oberweis attacks Kjellander

Mostly bad news here. I thought LaHood was looking strong. The article explains the Oberweis bit, which I really don't have anything to say about, other than that the act was quite tasteless and helps to authenticate a negative feeling I had about Oberweis. O'Malley, Bill Brady, and Birkett need to drop out now, they are going nowhere. The GOP needs to fill out a ticket for other offices than governor, and Brady, Rauschenberger, and Birkett can fill those roles. Judy Baar Topinka needs to get her butt in gear and stop acting like she has the whole thing nailed down, because she needs to have money to fend off Oberweis and Gidwitz. Jim Edgar needs to make a decision soon. Baar Topinka has said she would drop out if Edgar entered the race. I can't see Oberweis overtaking Edgar in a primary, but you never know. So in conclusion (from polls numbers, current campaigning, and fundraising numbers), I have belatedly come to the same conclusion Karl Rove did months ago: A Edgar-Baar Topinka ticket is our best hope. Judy would face a very uphill battle against Blagojevich, but with Edgar the odds are much better. I've become quite sure that Oberweis would fall flat on his face if he won the primary.


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