The most fun I've ever had at College Confidential

I feel like a dweeb posting a link to a thread on a discussion forum, but I'm very proud of my work there. I'm not proud of highjacking the poor person's thread, but these six pages basically sum up the argument over affirmative action. This illustrates the principles of liberal indoctrination I just read in the newest D'Souza book. The people on the forum defending AA didn't counteract anything I said. As D'Souza siad: If you ask a liberal professor about the Communist contras in Nicaragua, they wouldn't tell you that the contras weren't Communist. They wouldn't argue with you. They just stare at you as if to say "Are you from Iowa?". If you persist, they might call you an uneducated racist and then ignore you. No matter what, the result is that they don't even have to defend their position, but eventually you are conditioned not to question their liberal authority. Matt 1, liberal elite 0.


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