Merkel to take over as German Chancellor

Angela Merkel of the more conservative Christian Democrat Party in Germany will become chancellor after a tight election, nudging out Gerhard Schroeder. She campaigned on free-market economic reform, which Germany (a big welfare state) desperately needs. She has been compared to Margaret Thatcher, but unfortunately her party didn't get an outright majority in the election, so the CDU is making major concessions to make sure Merkel becomes the leader.

So this certainly leads to the thought, if the the US acted so unilaterally in Iraq, and most of the people in other countries hate us, how is it that Shroeder (and soon to be Jacques Chirac), leaders of the antiwar sentiment, can't win relection? How come supposedly anti-US populations continue to elect pro-US leaders like Tony Blair, John Howard, and Merkel?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Mystica said...

You have to realize that not all people "hate" America. There are some people who may disagree with us but not the number that "hate" us is often blown out of proportion.

Very similar to several other situations in this world.

Blogger GOPolyester~monkey said...

Well yes, I use hate as a generic sort of generalization. For example, when Al Gore recently went to Europe and told the crowd that he deplored how the US totures people, I determine that he hates America because he and the rest of the "blame America first" crowd often fault the US for "crimes" they frequently excuse in the actions of other countries. I realize not as many foreigners hate America as a lot of us believe, but then again, the liberal media doesn't want you to know that. I guess that was kind o my point.


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