Death Penalty for Minors Case

I've written a paper for an english class on some of the things wrong with the court's decision to forbid the death penalty for minors. I hope to upload it later this week. The link is to the PDF on the Supreme Court site for the case, Roper v. Simmons. Start on page 64 to read Justice Scalia's dissenting opinion, which is excellent if I do say so myself. Loading the page may take a long time on a slow modem.

Newsweek Ignorance

Well buried in this week's Newsweek we find an interesting fact.

Correction: In "King of the Hill" (Enterprise, Feb. 21), we reported in a graphic that American Skiing Co.'s stock price had fallen 460 percent between February 2000 and February 2005. In fact, the drop was 82 percent.

If Newsweek has any editors, I wonder how much they are paying them. Is it any small wonder that distrust of the media by the population as a whole continues to rise?

Greenspan a Hack?

Well the Dems have made a new enemy this Congressional session. Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve (and first appointed by Reagan), is being labeled as a political hack by Dem senators after he supported private accounts for Social Security. Today, Hillary Clinton took a dig at him about the 2001 tax cuts. Apparently todays' Democratic party believes anyone who in any way agrees with President Bush is a political agent of some sort. God forbid this ever happen to the GOP.
Personally, Greenspan has more control over the state of the economy then the position of president. He of all people is responsible for the boom in the 90s. One questions whether it is smart for the Dems to go after a person I believe is held in esteem by many people. I look for todays' remarks to come up in the 2008 elections.

I'm Back!

Well it took that long to get back to this place. Had a lazy streak. Maybe I shouldn't run for prez after all. Anyways, I'm still working out the particulars here before I get up to day-to-day posting. In the meantime be satisfied with Powerline, it never disappoints.