Gubernatorial update

Well I'm back from the whiskey-filled wilderness called the Upper Peninsula. And there is a plethora of news articles about the 2006 governor's race. It seems the leading GOP fundraisers are so far: Gidwitz, Baar Topinka, and LaHood. Gidwitz has over $3 million, and Topinka and LaHood are over a million. Oberweis is midpack with about $800,000, and Rauschenberger and Brady lag behind with greater than $500,000 a piece. It doesn't bode well for Rauschenberger, he is virtually tied with necomer and lightweight Bill Brady. On the other hand, Judy Baar Topinka hasn't even begun anything resembling a campaign right now, yet has lots of money. I don't know much about Gidwitz, but something tells me that despite the cash, he would flop in a general election.