Can't say I didn't see it coming

Edgar has officially declined to run for governor. I don't blame the guy, but I wish he'd stop appearing to consider races that he invariably declines to enter. Well I don't really know who my next choice is, I'll need to see some more polling numbers. And I'm gonna throw out this idea, to continue the cycle, how about Edgar for Senate vs. Durbin in '08?


Shed a tear, hope for the best.

The Draft Jim Edgar folks are putting out the word that Jim will decline to run tomorrow at noon. Whatever his decision, it will be made tomorrow at noon. After I was convinced he was seriously considering a run, I was very enthusiastic for his candidacy, given that he had a suberb chance of winning and a good record to run on. Alas, all is not lost, but just the same, I don't suspect 5th period is going to be a happy time tomorrow.