Shelley Capito throws away the WV Senate Race

Shelly Capito has decided she will not run for Senate against 87 year old Robert Byrd, meaning that the WV seat will be safely held by him. Read the story for the details. Apparently she is waiting for the seat to be open 6 years down the road, when the race will be much easier.

While Byrd might have won anyways, the race needed to be tight to keep the Dems spending in incumbent held races. Now they are free to spend more money on offense, something the likes of Santorum and Jim Talent don't need.

And Mrs. Dole, how could your recruiting possibly get worse? And how come Chuck Schumer is out-fundraising you?

At this point, the GOP is looking at losing Santorum, fighting hard for Talent in MO and Chaffee in RI, and probably winning in MN, with fighting chances in MD, and to a lesser extent, MI. Suddenly, a +2/3 situation is looking like a +0/1. Not good, Liz, not good.


No go for Hoeven

Looks like Kent Conrad is going to win reelection in ND. Republican Governor Hoeven could have won, and was heavily recruited by Karl Rove, but in the end decided not too. Why can't the GOP win just ONE FRIGGIN RECRUIT? I don't know but if Steele doesn't run in MD my head is going to implode, and at that point I really would be worried about the GOP losing seats in 2006.