O Those Crazy Senate Dems!

Today Harry Reid, with a second from Dick "Turban" Durbin, forced the Senate into closed session to supposedly figure out something having to do with pre-war Iraq intelligence and the Fitz investigation, however unrelated the two may be.
Apparently Reid wants "answers" about the Libby indictment, which is ridiculous because the charges against him took place during the investigation, and Fitz has found that no crime was committed in the first place.
The whole thing was obviously a publicity stunt, but yet a very poor one, because it's not easy to spread your propaganda in a speech not released to the public. The Powerline guys seem to think that the Dems wouldn't want the voters to hear what they said.
I think the whole thing is backfiring majorly on Reid, because the video clip of him making the motion is getting a lot of airplay, and I must say his demeanor is so overblown and blatantly fake that few will take him seriously. He has a scary face that you can tell is masking a smile, as he thought he was executing some sort of coup.